Kinds of Security System Window Sensors

Since one of the easiest ways for intruders to break into homes is through their windows, security system window sensors can go a long way. Many people like to leave their windows open during the summer nights to keep the air flowing through the house and save on the air conditioning bill. Others may leave them closed but will constantly forget to lock their windows. Both are asking for criminals to come by. Instead of chancing it, install a few window sensors and you’ll be able to keep your home safe from robbery because the moment they try it, you’ll know they’re there.

Window sensors come in a couple different varieties. Mainly, you can find normal window sensors and glass break sensors. Here’s how each of those works.

Window Sensors

Just like a door sensor, a window sensor will sound or activate the alarm system when it is opened. Burglar trying to pry open window on house 78461254You see, there are two sensors utilized in a window sensor. One is placed on the window itself while the other is placed in the window frame. These are magnetically connected so that any separation of the two will be easily detected. So when someone opens a window after you’ve activated the alarm system, the sensors will be separated and the system will be warned that someone is trying to get in through the window. While highly effective, you’d have to have a window sensor on every single window (at least, every window large enough for climbing into) for them to be effective. Also unfortunately, these kinds of sensors only protect you when there is someone trying to get in by opening the window. Some criminals will see the window sensor and bypass it completely by simply shattering the glass so that they can just climb through that way, never setting off the window sensor. That is why you could also use glass break sensors for your windows.

Glass Break Sensors

These sensors are a little different. Rather than picking up on the separation of the window from the window frame, they use audio microphones to “hear” when glass has been broken. You might have a glass break sensor opposite a few windows so that it’ll detect the moment the glass has been broken. Infrared motion sensor 466282673You can always use a combination of glass break sensors and window sensors by having window sensors for when they’re opened and glass break sensors for when they’re broken.

Shock sensors, another kind of glass break sensor, are placed on the window themselves so that they can literally feel when the window is broken. But these are meant to warn you beforehand because they detect the vibration of the glass being struck. Hopefully the alarm will get your attention in time so that you can not only catch the intruder but also stop him from breaking the window and making you have to pay for repairs.

For your home security system window sensors, try combining all three elements together to make the most of window home security. It’s usually with a combination of several factors that home security becomes the best.