Techniques for Installing Good Security Lighting

Good security lighting is more of an art than just placing a few lights here and there. There are suggestions for good placement, suggestions for the kinds of lights you should use, suggestions for using motion sensors, suggestions for all things security lights. 200171288-001You should probably consult a security system technician or home security company if you really want all the details on how to set up your home security lights; they can show you personalized ideas based on the floor plan of your home and the landscaping of your yard. But for now, we can offer a few tips and suggestions on setting up security lighting just so that it’s a good fit for any standard home.

Stick with Low Wattage Bulbs

This may seem like a contrary idea to some homeowners. Wouldn’t brighter lights be better because a well-lit area will scare criminals away? What many fail to realize is that when there are bright lights, there’s always going to be a glare. You know how when you’re in the movie theatre and the credits roll, then you walk out and have to blink a few times while your eyes adjust to the lighting? Or if you leave the movie to use the bathroom and then come back in and you have to pause before trying to find your seat because you can’t see anything? The same thing can happen at night in your backyard if you have high wattage light bulbs. It’ll actually decrease your night vision and create glares, making it even harder to see what’s really going on. Criminals can easily exploit this and continue their job the moment you close the curtain and go back to sleep.

Motion Sensor Lights

House Night 179061993Motion sensor lights are a good idea for your security system because they keep some of the lights powered off until someone walks by and triggers them to turn on. This is because motion sensors employ PIR detection to recognize specifically the movement of humans in their vicinity. So not only can you save money by using low wattage light bulbs, but you can save even more by using motion sensors so that the lights are not wasting energy by being on all the time.

Many Hands Make Light Work

When you’re looking to install security lights in your yard, remember that many hands make light work – or, many bulbs make security lighting work. If you want it to work in your favor, don’t just buy yourself a couple flood lights and put one by your front door and the other by your back door. Sure, that’ll prevent people from trying to get in through your doorways, but there are always windows. And besides, flood lights are too bright. The better tip is to use a lot of low wattage bulbs placed strategically around your yard (ask a professional for help in figuring out the best angles for placement). If you do it just right, you won’t have any shadows where intruders can hide. An extra bonus is that if any of the bulbs burn out, you have enough placed around your yard that you’ll be covered for the emergency. Now if you have only a flood light and that burns out, you’re toast.

Remember these tips when you’re trying to figure out how to keep your property lit so that no housebreakers come a-calling. Talk to a professional in the business for more tips on security lighting.